I've joined the #100DaysOfCode Challenge

I will code for at least one hour every day for the next 100 days.

If you are not familiar with the #100DayOfCode challenge, check out the official site of the #100DaysOfCode movement. Also, see the rules and FAQ pages.

During these 100 days I will be working through the projects defined in the #100DaysOfWeb in Python course by TalkPython and PyBites. The official #100DaysOfCode rules state that time spent on online courses, tutorial etc. does not count into your daily hour. Part of the "#100DaysOfWeb in Python" course are videos that explain a certain technology. I will not count the time spent watching the videos. But, I will count the time working on the projects that are defined in the "#100DaysOfWeb in Python" course, which make use of the technology introduced in the preceding video.

If you are interested, check out the log where I journal my progress. I will also tweet short summaries of my daily progress. My twitter handle is @tbrlpld.

You can also checkout my work repo for the "#100DayOfWeb in Python" course or my #100DaysOfWeb journaling repo on Github.